Job interview at Michaels went well :)

This is nauseating…

Now living in Albany,NY just got a job in less than 72 hours after applying :P

Corolla,nc. Good vacation time after a 1500 mile trip

I estimate about 2 more sessions for the remaining fish (x7) and the galaxy swirl up my shoulder blade.

Sleeve additions. Way swollen right now

Finally finished my saltwater vanita. Includes variations of life and death of fish and other invertebrates amongst a galaxy of stars in the background. This drawing finishes the idea I started with back in 08 for my high school portfolio being the way I visualize my life through the depictions of creatures going through environmental changes that reflect the changes I have gone through the past few years. Mouthful yes. But this one really represents my idea that the bigger picture of my life is starting to unfold and the everyday beautiful things and challenges I go through are a part of a bigger plan. Might turn this into a triptych but I am unsure at this point.

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