Allergies make me way too entirely miserable. I should be in the studio but the allergy meds are making me too tired: \

Yet another day where I continue to make up excuses to avoid socializing

Moshing with privates… it’s called sex

Been dating my boyfriend Kris for 9 months now. We met on tumblr last year and within a matter of months he moved across the country to live here with me. We plan on moving to his hometown in September: )

My snakebite piercings went right back in after not having them in since September… small victories

So tired of everyone getting caught up in what they have, how much money they are making, petty dramas, who is dating who, and other insignificant betterment they believe they have over other people. I don’t remember who said it but there was a quote that pretty much said we are all equal in death our graves are the same size. We chastise each other for different religions, skin color, social status and all this other meaningless shit. I just want to be a good person. I don’t care if I have money or get to go out all he time so long as I know I’ve been doing the right thing for myself and others.
I know it’s human nature to gossip and be strive for superiority because of some chemical conglomeration in our brains constantly making us strive for domination over others, but none of that will matter a month from now, a year from now, or even a decade from now. I don’t even know what I am trying to say anymore other than just I took a look at myself and how others around me interact with each other and it makes me sad. My generation just seems to have become a bunch of lazy, rude, alcohol drinking, high seeking, selfish, two faced, hypocritical people. There are always the few that show kindness now and again but predominantly I am sick of the bullshit created by others and their selfish minds.

Tattoo session from last night finally added color to my coral!

Started a new visual journal. I have bones and beads and shells in the middle. The whole cover has effects dust on it so the whole thing has a
metallic shimmer to it.

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